Sunday, 22 January 2012

This Thursday


HOLIDAYS – What does this work conjure up in your mind

Originally a Holiday was a HOLY DAY
– time for reflection   & to pray

Holidays fall into many categories

At home – maybe time with family or friends, cooking a meal, doing a bit of gardening, watching a movie, doing another hobby, decorating, DIY, faffing about!

In your area – visiting family or friends, going for a meal, to a DIY warehouse, shopping, going for a walk, visiting a country house

Going away – leaving your area to stay somewhere else – this is what most of us think of as a holiday
Might be in this country or abroad, travelling by road, rail,
boat or flying
All of these are an experience that STITCH can be based

The holiday itself maybe in the country, town or by the sea, all have differing COLOURS & TEXTURES to consider
The holiday may be eventful, peaceful, boring, dire…… but will always have something to remember it by

So where to start????

Some of you have started a book with photographs, sketches, tickets, drawings, writing etc.  This is your starting point, gathering together of thoughts and inspirations
Mostly my starting point is an image, a word or a mind map of what I am hoping to achieve
We are hoping to produce a piece of textile work, hopefully for our exhibition in August.  Considerations at an early stage should be display – as we know all work is attached to a wall, therefore will need mirror plates attaching to the back of a backboard, this might be a frame or a canvas or slabs or wood or tile or something else
So start with the SIZE of the finished piece & YOUR
Then consider WHAT COLOUR you are aiming for (might be a specific room for display, to sell or as a pressie)
Then MAKE A LIST OF TECHNIQUES that you want to explore, hand, machine, embellisher, felting
I am not going to do a taught session as this work should be individual.  Looking at all the wonderful squares you certainly don’t need any help with stitching ideas.
I find going back to basic design – doodle – line work – blocks and borders (translation etc) – collage – or just grab a bit of fabric & a stabiliser and some threads, look at a photograph and stitch totally freely

I am looking forward to seeing what you are all doing & ever hopeful of this dratted cold going especially by Thursday