Wednesday, 20 March 2013


Here is a link to current British Copyright laws

Please make sure that you do not infringe them whilst making pieces for Affinity, this also includes workshops that I have delivered, magazines & online courses

Thursday, 6 September 2012


Hi all, Such a lovely evening we had, and noone took any pictures!
A big thank you to Katy for bringing all the pieces and a thankyou from me for wrapping mine up in bubblewrap.  I feel a bubble challenge coming on!
See you all soon for our new set of pieces
One theme
4 pieces all the same size and shape
4 design periods
There are some very exciting sounding themes
Heres to another good year
To Affinity and Beyond (okay groan) x

Saturday, 18 August 2012

exhibition and September onwards

the photos look great - thanks for putting them up Shelagh.

I am really looking forward to September and have started some research - there is so much and how to make a choice :) :)

Cheers Carol

Friday, 10 August 2012


Welcome to AFFINITY
Our first combined exhibition at BOSWORTHS GARDEN CENTRE
10th August to 30th August 2012

A jolly good time, Katy, Jayne & Shelagh are missing from this happy picture

Showing the wide range of work

Our themes are:

Shelagh has appeared

We had such a good time it was hard to keep a straight face!

Workers & resters & photographer

Travels to Tintern
Shelagh Folgate

Ethel African Queen
Sally Smith

Three for the Pot
Katy Cain

Summer Travels
Carolyn Waterton

Little Creative Thoughts
Katy Cain

Carol Taylor

Down-under Bluebells
Jayne Bailey

Marmalade Skies
Brenda Hargood

Eileen Murphy

Madeira Palm
Eileen Murphy

Fran Wright

Green Fields
Carolyn Waterton

Carol Taylor

Purple Haze
Brenda Hargood

Sally Smith

Hint of Africa
Jayne Bailey

Memories of the Falklands
Fran Wright

Tintern Walls
Shelagh Folgate




Saturday, 4 August 2012

dinner date

On thursday september 6th we have arranged to meet at 7pm at the tasty bite to have an evening meal and get together.I will post the menu nearer the date as phil would like an idea of our choices.yumyum

Monday, 28 May 2012

May meeting

Hi everyone, ooh its too hot, guess it goes well with the African theme.
Katy will be in America, so there will not be any artefacts this time.  I hope that you got pictures and / or sketches of anything you would like to work with.
Last month was printing, monoprint, stencil or masks or making stamps, if you want for your piece.
I have done no work at all on mine, which is shameful of me but work kinda takes over my muse.
I am considering printing the drawing onto fabric and adding scrim, bought from Images of Egypt which is not Africa but its a foreign land!
We shall see
So on Thursday please bring along stitching, a nice show and tell would be good, any new books etc?
I guess most of you have heard the report of Quilts UK at Malvern by now.
See you on Thursday, its my wedding outfit shopping day so I guess I will be either very happy or a miserable old toad x

Tuesday, 1 May 2012

May 2012 Meeting

Katy has said that she will bring some of the artefacts, last meeting she said that she will bring back what you are working on if you ask her, so if you want any thing in particular could you email her as given the terrible weather I dont think she should struggle in with lots of yummy things.
I have planned that this meeting you could make stamps / stencils or maybe monoprint onto paper and cloth

To that end if you want to do this, this is what you will need. Please remember that this is not a taught session, but I will help if you get stuck


Those of you who are enrolled in the Masterclasses, will have some of the green stuff that we used that at the moment given a very tiring day I cant remember the name, with that or with Lino you need lino cutters

Stamps can be made with


Polystyrene pizza base or vegetable containers

Balsa wood & soldering iron or blunt pen

Mouse mat

String, cardboard & double sided tape


Stencil card

Mylar and soldering iron

freezer paper

sticky backed plastic


acrylic / textile paint / printing ink

glass or acetate sheet

roller / brayer

fabric and paper

design book

Please bring plastic to cover your table and kitchen roll / baby wipes to clear up

Perhaps we should set up the studio with a clean area for those who want to stitch only and those who want to be messy? Maybe the first people in could do this please??

See you on Thursday


Thursday, 22 March 2012



HI all, lovely meeting, sorry about the hysterics

Thank you so much Katy for bringing the artefacts from your son, for giving us a history and for the very poignant story

Here are your lovely photos to work with
Such wonderful inspiration  
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Sunday, 5 February 2012



I hope that your Holiday piece is well under way? or if not that the large square or finishing off the small squares

I have UPDATED the brochure given out (the one with the coloured squares on the front)

This reflects the change in the meetings from the H project to the African project.

I have plans afoot for ideas to do with Africa, can someone lead the June meeting please?
The July meeting will need to be preparing for the exhibition which is put up around 1st August. We will ALL need to help but we can decide all the details nearer the time

Please try to have at least one piece to display.

Hopefully we will display our squares, as many as possible and the large square. The H project. African inspired pieces may not be complete, but we could always change the exhibit half way through August if we want.

In addition one piece from each of you maybe from a course previously studied could be included

Items can be for sale

No-one HAS to exhibit, there will be some cost involved, mirror plates, charitable donation to Bosworths etc, I have no idea of this cost

If you know you will be away around the 1st August then please let us know to arrange details. We need to remove before or on 31st August so the same applies to do with holidays.

Ramble ramble

Please PRINT OUT the new program its attached to this email but I have also copied it to this email, just in case your puter does not open word documents.
Program wont post in a readable manner, so please look at the email sent - maybe its in your spam folder?

Could you let me know that you have it

If anyone knows of another one or two people that might want to join can you bring names to the next meeting

Also could you bring any new books or 'stuff' that you have aquired recently for the show and tell

Just a reminder if you want the accuquilt cutting machine then please let me know in advance and what dies that you want, it is very heavy to bring in and not use. The studio sewing machines can be used free of charge

Right thats it for now - happy snowy stitching


Sunday, 22 January 2012

This Thursday


HOLIDAYS – What does this work conjure up in your mind

Originally a Holiday was a HOLY DAY
– time for reflection   & to pray

Holidays fall into many categories

At home – maybe time with family or friends, cooking a meal, doing a bit of gardening, watching a movie, doing another hobby, decorating, DIY, faffing about!

In your area – visiting family or friends, going for a meal, to a DIY warehouse, shopping, going for a walk, visiting a country house

Going away – leaving your area to stay somewhere else – this is what most of us think of as a holiday
Might be in this country or abroad, travelling by road, rail,
boat or flying
All of these are an experience that STITCH can be based

The holiday itself maybe in the country, town or by the sea, all have differing COLOURS & TEXTURES to consider
The holiday may be eventful, peaceful, boring, dire…… but will always have something to remember it by

So where to start????

Some of you have started a book with photographs, sketches, tickets, drawings, writing etc.  This is your starting point, gathering together of thoughts and inspirations
Mostly my starting point is an image, a word or a mind map of what I am hoping to achieve
We are hoping to produce a piece of textile work, hopefully for our exhibition in August.  Considerations at an early stage should be display – as we know all work is attached to a wall, therefore will need mirror plates attaching to the back of a backboard, this might be a frame or a canvas or slabs or wood or tile or something else
So start with the SIZE of the finished piece & YOUR
Then consider WHAT COLOUR you are aiming for (might be a specific room for display, to sell or as a pressie)
Then MAKE A LIST OF TECHNIQUES that you want to explore, hand, machine, embellisher, felting
I am not going to do a taught session as this work should be individual.  Looking at all the wonderful squares you certainly don’t need any help with stitching ideas.
I find going back to basic design – doodle – line work – blocks and borders (translation etc) – collage – or just grab a bit of fabric & a stabiliser and some threads, look at a photograph and stitch totally freely

I am looking forward to seeing what you are all doing & ever hopeful of this dratted cold going especially by Thursday

Wednesday, 23 November 2011

Tomorrows meeting

Just a reminder, next meeting is tomorrow 24th November.  We shall be working on our huge square using the printed fabric & ideas from last month, this is the last meeting before Christmas & when we return it will be onto the holiday project.  I am aiming to hold a short discussion during the meeting about the holiday project to make sure that we all are clear what our aims are & maybe to set some parameters???  If you have any ideas could you write them down & give them to me at the meeting, its all about stitching and I really dont want to spend half the meeting discussing ideas, but if you do have anything please let me know
To Affinity & Beyond or rather to S o f A (Satelites of Affinity)
Stitching Shelagh :-)