Friday, 25 March 2011

Folling the discussion on how to mount our joint textile pieces,Charles came home from work to say he was throwing away a load of fabric did I want it.Turns out that it could be the fabric that velcro sticks to. So I will have to experiment.

March Meeting

For those of you not able to come last night, the next three words for the last letter 'Y' are Yellow, Yin and Yang and Yarn. We discussed ways in which we might mount all or most of the squares together to form our 'signature' piece for any exhibitions we may do in the future.
The chosen 'title' for our next project was 'From print to Stitch' and the theme elected by general consensus is 'Holidays'. We all agreed that we will work through this project as a group although we will each select our own image to inspire us. The piece can be any size up to a max of 24" x 24" and a minimum of 6" x 6". We will work on this one (or series) - your choice - through the coming months with our deadline for completion being the September meeting. The format can be of your own choosing. I will endeavor to formulate some sort of plan for the coming meetings and will post details as and when I can.
Thank you to all who contributed to our show and tell and our 'new products' last night, I feel it adds interest to our meetings and makes me spend more money:) Thanks Carol especially, the Jan Messant book is now on order from Amazon!!
This group will only be successful if we all take part and contribute and I am so encouraged by last night's meeting, so thank you all.
Already looking forward to April's meeting!

The Squares

Blogger won't let me had a comment to your post Shelagh for some unknown reason but the answer is yes, we did decide to mount them on the wooden squares and add velcro to the back. Thank you for trying to source these.


Hi, I really enjoyed last nights meeting, even though I was a bit 'out of it' sorry,  I love the HOLIDAYS decision.
I have cancelled my order for the 3 inch squares from Canada as the postage was horrendous!
But have found a company over here that is going to try & get 4 sets for us.  I figure that 96 should be enough:-) I think we agreed to mount them on the squares & then add velcro?  Will someone let me know this is right before I order them?  Happy holidays!!

Monday, 21 March 2011

Agenda for March Meeting

Hello Affinity


Finally managed to put the photos of the Jan/Feb squares on the blog – aren't they just fantastic!


Just to remind you our next meeting is this coming Thursday 24th March and the proposed agenda is as follows:


  1. The last letter for our squares
  2. Discussion about how we might join these squares together
  3. And the winner is........... Announcing our next project
  4. Discussion about content of future meetings
  5. New products/gadgets to show – note these don't have to be new, they can be things that you have had for a while but find useful.
  6. Show and Tell – any project/craft you may be working on
  7. Completed squares from last meeting


With regard to Item 2 on the Agenda (joining all our squares together), I see this display as being our signature piece to be shown at all exhibitions/displays we may do in the future. Hope everyone will have a think about how we can assemble these squares which will set them off to their best advantage. They are all so beautiful and deserve to be mounted in a prestigious way.


See you all on Thursday.