Monday, 13 June 2011

Hello All,
Feel too weak and insipid to actually do anything other than sit down somewhere so I've put my mind to July's meeting and where we could meet. A couple of places spring to mind - Shelagh seems to have nice photos on her blog of places in Broughton and I know there used to be a pub which did food - haven't been for years though. Don't know what you think of Broughton as a venue Shelagh, I know it's not half way between Northampton and Kettering but it's an idea.
The other place might be somewhere like Holcot which is a bit further along the A43. I'm not sure there is a pub in Holcot though but the White Swan at Lamport is only about a mile away. Holcot is close to Pitsford Reservoir so might be interesting.
These are just my suggestions all other ideas welcome. I leave you all to decide at next week's meeting on a suitable venue and whether in fact you all want to participate.
The idea behind the field trip is to sketch or photograph landscape which will be July's inspiration for our Ideas Book but combining this with a pub meal will be a lovely way to round off our City & Guilds course too.
Look forward to hearing the outcome of your decision on my return from holiday.

Tuesday, 7 June 2011

june july meeting

Sounds good to me - will put thinking hat on for a venue for July .... maybe we can talk about it on Monday.... Cheers Carol

Wednesday, 1 June 2011

June and July Meetings


So sorry I wasn't able to come to Affinity last Thursday but I was so tired after a full on day at an Angie Hughes workshop and then an hour's drive home in torrential rain. I hope those of you who did go had an enjoyable evening.

Having spoken to some of you, I realise that though you have looked at one or more of the inspirations – Holbein, Flowers beginning with H and Thomas Hardy – you have not had time to explore and develop things for your Ideas Book. Most of us are at a critical stage with our City & Guilds work and of course this must take precedence. So, I thought it best if we just worked with these three inspirations for this month and next month and start with 3 new inspirations at the July meeting. Hope this is OK with everyone.

Unfortunately I won't be able to come to the June Affinity meeting either as I will be on holiday. However, Katy is manning the fort and will be bringing along all her African artefacts – so one new inspiration 'Africa' to join the existing 3 mentioned above. I am very sorry to be missing out on this but perhaps someone will kindly take photos for me so that I can catch up when I return.

For our July meeting, I wondered if you would all like to do something a little different? What I had in mind was for us to meet up somewhere between Kettering and Northampton where we can sketch or take photographs and then hopefully visit a local hostelry for food and beverage? If this is something that appeals, could you please put your thinking caps on and give me some ideas as to where would be suitable to meet. I'm thinking perhaps a village type of area where we can park in the pub car park, wiz round doing our sketching or photography and then back to the pub to eat. Oh and there is an inspiration from all this, it will be L for Landscape. I'll tell you the others when we all meet up.

Look forward to seeing you all soon and please have a think about where we could meet for the July meeting and email me any ideas.