Monday, 20 December 2010

Merry Christmas

A very Merry Christmas and Creative New Year to you all.
I'm sorry it has taken me so long to upload the photo of the Fray Fold and Fastening squares, due to personal worries which have completely taken over my brain (what there is of it). Here they are, some of which are truly spectacular and all so different.
Love Brenda

Sunday, 19 December 2010



I would like to wish you all a very happy Christmas & a creatively prosperous 2011

Love Shelagh

Sunday, 28 November 2010


HI Carol, the finished size is no larger than 3.25 inches, the size of the little wooden block.
See you tomorrow, Shelagh

Friday, 26 November 2010

help - square size

Hi Hope that you had a good evening impressing etc - I went to bed at 9.30/9.54 and slept till 7pm - really unprededented for me - usually bed at 12.00/1am and up at 7.30 - with disterbed nights the norm......... but what I am really wanting reminding of - is what size should the squares be - I can't find my notes and the ones I have done are either around 3" or 8ish cms - still working on fold, fray and fasten. Cheers Carol

Monday, 1 November 2010


The squares look really great, there are some very different techniques used, cool. As I missed last week could any one tell me if we are bringing in food (as food was mentioned) if so what shall I bring? Missed you all. Susie

Sunday, 31 October 2010

First Squares

Hello All,
We had a lovely meeting last Thursday made even better by all the gorgeous squares that have been produced so far. So to spur you on, here's a photo of those we saw on Thursday.
Well done to everyone, they are superb and the photo doesn't do them justice!
As a reminder and for those who couldn't make it on Thursday (we missed you), the three words for this month are FRAY, FOLD AND FASTEN with 'fasten' being the technique.
I'm really looking forward to our next get together on the 25th November especially as there's food involved!!

Thursday, 28 October 2010

The Green Eye of the Little Yellow God

The Green Eye of the Little Yellow God
Melody - Milton Hayes & Cuthbert Clarke, 1911
There's a one-eyed yellow idol
To the north of Kathmandu;
There's a little marble cross below the town;
And a brokenhearted woman
Tends the grave of 'Mad' Carew,
While the yellow god for ever gazes down

Thanks for a lovely evening girls x

Friday, 22 October 2010


Hello Affinity!

Our first meeting got off to an excellent start and hope by now you have managed to make one or two of the little squares using the three prompt words – Angle, Arc and Aperture. I am still working on mine!

Sally made an excellent suggestion for us all to contribute one of our squares which we would mount on the lovely boards Shelagh kindly gave us, to make our first joint display item. The square for this can be chosen from your collection at the end of the ‘challenge’.


You will all now have a good idea of what materials you need to bring to the first few meetings to make the little squares but each month there may be one or two additions to that list. This month’s ‘extras’ are listed below:

Any of the following: buttons, press studs, hooks & eyes, safety pins, medium/large beads, Velcro or anything you can think of along these lines, without giving too much away????!!!!


Apologies for missing this date from the Affinity calendar. Please can you insert

22nd September 2011 in your diaries.


We decided that the Trading Post which is located just before the roundabout (coming from Kettering), which leads onto the A43. There is easy parking and the meals are good.

The date decided upon was 29th November which, for the City & Guilds Machine Embroidery Group, the last class before Christmas. Bee Inspired have agreed that we can start and finish our class later that day. Unfortunately the Trading Post doesn’t take bookings so we will discuss what we want to do at our meeting next week.

Look forward to seeing you all at our next meeting on 28th October 7 pm.

Saturday, 25 September 2010

re thursday

Hi All enjoyed the evening very much - well done Brenda and Shelagh and thanks. Spent a very happy few hours on friday- playing with "apertures - arcs and angles" well the angles is in my head - not good grammar!But the other two have been addressed. See some of you on monday Fran

Friday, 24 September 2010

First meeting

HI I am really sorry that I missed the first meting, but with the coughing and sneezing and the watery eyes, I was not a pretty sight! I am looking forward to seeing what was done and am intregiued by Susie's comments about biscornus and wonder at the connection? Has anyone any photos of what you did or even partly completed pieces - it would be good to see the range of what you did. re money - Brenda can I give to you on Monday? I am down in Rickmansworth tonight and the weekend - training to be a weight watchers leader - have to run groups ( with spport) next week. See you Cheers Carol


I have sent an email visually 'talking' all though how to get on here & post on here, so we should find some more posts hopefully over the weekend
I really enjoyed last night and promise not to inhale to much Smooch in future!!!!

I shall leave this blog as:  everyone can view it, or we wont get any publicity at all for when we are ready to exhibit.

Thursday, 23 September 2010

What a great night

Hi all, forgot what it was like to enjoy myself in creative thought. When I got home I dug out the only copy of the 'Stitch' magazine which I have kept as it had some great ideas in it. I looked at the date and it happened to be the Aug/Sept 2009 edition, in this copy it had a Biscornu pin cushion, different to the one Brenda bought in but very similar, (I thought this very spooky as I had thrown away all the other copies I had previously. Looking throught the magazine I started to get inspired and the ideas started to flow. Shame its 11.50, I'll have to go to bed and dream of what I can do. Watch this space. Speak to you all soon. Really enjoyed myself, thanks to you all. Susie

Carolyn here

Hi there I have joined you all at last.Enjoyed tonight.


See you all later, Shelagh

Monday, 20 September 2010

First Meeting

Hello All

Sorry, I've been having a little blog trouble this morning - I hope you can now read the list! Hope you are all looking forward to this coming Thursday for our first meeting. Just thought I'd remind you of what you need to bring.


  • Fat Quarter of Calico
  • Stabiliser – 70 Lutradur or medium Vilene or any similar weight stabiliser
  • Wooden embroidery hoop (if machine embroidery)
  • Sewing kit consisting of scissors, needles, ruler, stitch unpicker, pins, air/water erasable pen (and anything else that you use for general sewing).
  • Mixed threads for hand and machine or wools/cottons for knitting or crochet
  • Rotary Cutter
  • Scalpel
  • Pack of mixed fabrics (just small pieces of different kinds – any)
  • You may want to include some small pieces of felt or wadding.
  • Colouring medium – crayons, pencils, paint, silk or fabric paints – (just bring a few - what you already have)
  • Sewing machine if applicable and you want to use your own.
  • If you bring your own machine – you need the buttonhole foot! *class machines will not be available for the first meeting. You will be using the same requirements for each meeting so once you have them together you are set for the next few months with the addition of only a few small items. Please can you also remember to have your subscription ready at the first meeting. Many thanks and look forward to seeing you all on Thursday. Brenda

Friday, 17 September 2010

This is Woolacombe at sunset - I love the sepia tones and reflection on the sea. I think the lines formed by the shallow waves could be developed into a stunning design too - what do you think, any ideas for this or Susie's photo? Brenda

Thursday, 16 September 2010

The Sea

Hi everyone, i've been back a week now still missing the sun & sea (had great weather), really looking forward to our first meeting. Thought I would let you all see my favourite inspirational photo from our holiday. I just love the sea and I think this photo says it all. Without the sound just looking at the photo I can imagine myself on the beach listening to the sound of the waves crashing backward and forwards. I have to do something with it but what I have yet to discover. Hope you like it too.

Friday, 27 August 2010

Susie D

Not the best of photos but thought I'd get one on the blog before I go to Wales tomorrow. Making sure the camera is charged and ready for the many inspirational photos i'm going to take. I'm so looking forward to a relaxing week, of thinking and planning for a new me, doing what I like best designing from new ideas. Speak to you all soon.

What's everyone doing?

I'm making some reversible table mats using up hand dyed fabrics I've had kicking around for years. They are all beiges, browns and rusts - taking inspiration from the photo I posted. One side of the mats are torn strips just laid down on iron on vilene and straight stitched all over closely. On top of the stitching are some embroidery designs of leaves (using my embroidery unit which has languished idle for ages). The reverse side is small log cabin - errr....which I haven't done any of for a very long time, so this will be a challenge. Progress will now be hampered by the short break in Devon. To answer your earlier question Carol, the rust photo says 'layers' to me hence the strips laid down on top of one another but since starting these mats several other ideas using the same photo have emerged - watch this space! Be good to hear what everyone else is doing. Brenda


Hi all,  I have cropped your photo Eileen, hope you like it.  If anyone would like to email me their picture to insert, I will do that, OR I will be taking photos at our first meeting.  Masks not allowed lol

I am looking forward to our first meeting, hopefully will be fun & informative!!!??

Happy holidays Brenda, hope the weather is MUCH better for you.


Thursday, 26 August 2010

Hi Affinity its Eileend

This is me on a rare occasion going to a Wedding wearing a skirt ,its taken some time to get this photo on to the blogg thank you Brenda for your instructions. Hope everyone is fine. See you soon. Eileend

Monday, 23 August 2010

Great news letter

Well done Brenda, for producing our first news letter.Look forward to the venture starting

Wednesday, 18 August 2010

Friday, 13 August 2010

How to upload photos

Hello Eileen, I will try to talk you through uploading photos. First click on the link to take you to 'Affinity' blog then in top right hand corner, click on 'sign in'. This will take you to the dashboard page. Click on 'new post' and it will open up a page for you to type a message. There are icons just above the message space, one is a tiny picture, it's the third one in from the right, click on that and it will open another screen. You will see where it says 'browse' click on that and choose the folder where your photos are stored on your pc, choose the photo you want to upload and then at the bottom of the same screen press the orange button 'upload image' and Bob's your uncle! Finish your message on the 'new post' screen and then press 'publish post'. Hope this helps. Brenda

Wednesday, 11 August 2010


I too came back from my holiday (in Cornwall) full of images and inspiration - the lime green of the moors, the turquoise and blues of the sea, golden sand, the purple of the hydrangea bushes which were in bloom everywhere and oh......rusty chains and lobster pots! Is there something wrong with me? Here's a close up of some lovely rust on an old anchor which I'd love to turn into some stitching but where to start. If anyone has any ideas, they will be greatly appreciated!

Tuesday, 10 August 2010

Hello Affinity

Hi to Affinity, Eileen here l dont know how this works so l thought l would just say what do l do next. Regards Eileen D