Monday, 28 May 2012

May meeting

Hi everyone, ooh its too hot, guess it goes well with the African theme.
Katy will be in America, so there will not be any artefacts this time.  I hope that you got pictures and / or sketches of anything you would like to work with.
Last month was printing, monoprint, stencil or masks or making stamps, if you want for your piece.
I have done no work at all on mine, which is shameful of me but work kinda takes over my muse.
I am considering printing the drawing onto fabric and adding scrim, bought from Images of Egypt which is not Africa but its a foreign land!
We shall see
So on Thursday please bring along stitching, a nice show and tell would be good, any new books etc?
I guess most of you have heard the report of Quilts UK at Malvern by now.
See you on Thursday, its my wedding outfit shopping day so I guess I will be either very happy or a miserable old toad x

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