Tuesday, 1 May 2012

May 2012 Meeting

Katy has said that she will bring some of the artefacts, last meeting she said that she will bring back what you are working on if you ask her, so if you want any thing in particular could you email her as given the terrible weather I dont think she should struggle in with lots of yummy things.
I have planned that this meeting you could make stamps / stencils or maybe monoprint onto paper and cloth

To that end if you want to do this, this is what you will need. Please remember that this is not a taught session, but I will help if you get stuck


Those of you who are enrolled in the Masterclasses, will have some of the green stuff that we used that at the moment given a very tiring day I cant remember the name, with that or with Lino you need lino cutters

Stamps can be made with


Polystyrene pizza base or vegetable containers

Balsa wood & soldering iron or blunt pen

Mouse mat

String, cardboard & double sided tape


Stencil card

Mylar and soldering iron

freezer paper

sticky backed plastic


acrylic / textile paint / printing ink

glass or acetate sheet

roller / brayer

fabric and paper

design book

Please bring plastic to cover your table and kitchen roll / baby wipes to clear up

Perhaps we should set up the studio with a clean area for those who want to stitch only and those who want to be messy? Maybe the first people in could do this please??

See you on Thursday


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