Sunday, 5 February 2012



I hope that your Holiday piece is well under way? or if not that the large square or finishing off the small squares

I have UPDATED the brochure given out (the one with the coloured squares on the front)

This reflects the change in the meetings from the H project to the African project.

I have plans afoot for ideas to do with Africa, can someone lead the June meeting please?
The July meeting will need to be preparing for the exhibition which is put up around 1st August. We will ALL need to help but we can decide all the details nearer the time

Please try to have at least one piece to display.

Hopefully we will display our squares, as many as possible and the large square. The H project. African inspired pieces may not be complete, but we could always change the exhibit half way through August if we want.

In addition one piece from each of you maybe from a course previously studied could be included

Items can be for sale

No-one HAS to exhibit, there will be some cost involved, mirror plates, charitable donation to Bosworths etc, I have no idea of this cost

If you know you will be away around the 1st August then please let us know to arrange details. We need to remove before or on 31st August so the same applies to do with holidays.

Ramble ramble

Please PRINT OUT the new program its attached to this email but I have also copied it to this email, just in case your puter does not open word documents.
Program wont post in a readable manner, so please look at the email sent - maybe its in your spam folder?

Could you let me know that you have it

If anyone knows of another one or two people that might want to join can you bring names to the next meeting

Also could you bring any new books or 'stuff' that you have aquired recently for the show and tell

Just a reminder if you want the accuquilt cutting machine then please let me know in advance and what dies that you want, it is very heavy to bring in and not use. The studio sewing machines can be used free of charge

Right thats it for now - happy snowy stitching


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