Wednesday, 27 July 2011


Sorry girls its Torias birthday and we are decamping to London to the Tate to see the Miro exhibition & maybe to visit the Tower, I may not return!!
Have a lovely evening


Just to remind you that it's our Affinity meeting tomorrow (Thursday). It will just be a fun evening, with absolutely no stress!! You need a square or two of fabric, threads and any embellishments you fancy.
Hopefully see you all tomorrow.

Thursday, 7 July 2011


Anything is fine by me,I am looking forward to a round robin and trying to find a good piece of fabric to bring.


Thats fine by me, just wanted to be clear about what was happeningThanks


Katy are you still bringing in the African artefacts from your son?

Wednesday, 6 July 2011


Been thinking, thinking like Pooh Bear!!! (Spent too much time with 4 year old granddaughter).
To keep our meetings fun and interesting whilst we are unable to begin any new work or inspiration, I thought we might start a group activity at the next couple of meetings.
Each of us bring a square of fabric the same size as we have used for all our other squares. (3.25" x 3.25" max). The fabric can be anything you like but if flimsy it will need backing for stitching. At the July meeting we will each start the stitching on our square in any way we like - machine or hand stitch, your choice. Then after an allotted time (we can decided on the time limit on the night), we pass the square onto the next person and they will have the same amount of time to put whatever stitching they want onto your square. We carry on passing the squares to the next person until it is complete or we decide times up. We may or may not get one square each completed in the evening but if not, we just bring it back next meeting and carry on.
If you like this idea and want to join in, just bring a square of fabric along to the July meeting and any sewing supplies you need.
I also think we could use the next couple of meetings to start mounting our squares and getting some idea of how they will all go together. Could you bring all your completed and uncompleted squares together with boards and we will allocate an amount of time to do some work on those too.
Hope this suits everyone, if not feel free to speak up.

Monday, 4 July 2011

July Meeting

I am not sure what the outcome was about the July meeting?  Are we doing the meal or is Katy bringing some more of her sons yummy African artifacts?  Could you let me know Brenda, please.

Sorry cant find the lead at the moment to my phone to upload the pictures from last time