Saturday, 14 May 2011

Flower pounding

Sellotape actually works better than masking tape

Ideas Book

Apologies for not posting sooner to remind you all of the subjects chosen for our 'Ideas Book'. They are Holbein, Flowers beginning with 'H' and Thomas Hardy. This will be your personal 'Ideas Book' and therefore you can put anything you like in and work it however you want, there are no restrictions.
I tried some flower pounding a week or so ago and following Shelagh's advice, didn't add any mordant at all, just prewashed calico/cotton, dried it then laid the flowers/leaves as I wanted them. Covered and stuck them to the fabric with masking tape (right side of flower facing to the fabric) and worked out some pent up stress by hammering all over them. I'll show you the results at our next meeting - the leaves worked particularly well but some of the flowers were OK too. If you want to do some at our next meeting, all you will need is a piece of cotton fabric prewashed to remove 'dressing', masking tape, hammer and freshly picked flowers/leaves.
Look forward to seeing you on 26th May.