Thursday, 24 February 2011


Lovely evening ladies.  I hope that I didnt go on too much.  We have really exciting ideas ahead, the squares are wonderful, such creative ideas.  See some of you on Monday.  Thanks for the lift Fran & the little bit of Chris!!!!

Monday, 21 February 2011


Sorry, I forgot to say, can you also bring the squares you brought last time as well as any you have done since, so that I can take a proper photo of them this time :) Many thanks

Thursday's meeting 24th February

Hello All,
Our next meeting is this coming Thursday, 24th February. Hope to see you all. Just to remind you about the new format to our meetings:
New (to you) gadgets, tools, fabrics, threads - Please bring anything new you have bought since the last meeting. Hopefully there will also be some new products from Bee Inspired too.
Ideas for future projects - Any thoughts to add to the 4 ideas presented at our last meeting. Carolyn mentioned an idea she has had - actually Carolyn I think from the way you explained things to me, you have two ideas. I have thought of a title for each, the first being 'Memories' and the second being 'Hidden depths'. Carolyn can explain her thoughts for these at our meeting. We will take a vote from all the ideas at our March meeting, on which idea we explore for our next project.
Show and Tell - please bring anything you are working on or have made, whatever the hobby.
See you Thursday.