Friday, 27 August 2010

Susie D

Not the best of photos but thought I'd get one on the blog before I go to Wales tomorrow. Making sure the camera is charged and ready for the many inspirational photos i'm going to take. I'm so looking forward to a relaxing week, of thinking and planning for a new me, doing what I like best designing from new ideas. Speak to you all soon.

What's everyone doing?

I'm making some reversible table mats using up hand dyed fabrics I've had kicking around for years. They are all beiges, browns and rusts - taking inspiration from the photo I posted. One side of the mats are torn strips just laid down on iron on vilene and straight stitched all over closely. On top of the stitching are some embroidery designs of leaves (using my embroidery unit which has languished idle for ages). The reverse side is small log cabin - errr....which I haven't done any of for a very long time, so this will be a challenge. Progress will now be hampered by the short break in Devon. To answer your earlier question Carol, the rust photo says 'layers' to me hence the strips laid down on top of one another but since starting these mats several other ideas using the same photo have emerged - watch this space! Be good to hear what everyone else is doing. Brenda


Hi all,  I have cropped your photo Eileen, hope you like it.  If anyone would like to email me their picture to insert, I will do that, OR I will be taking photos at our first meeting.  Masks not allowed lol

I am looking forward to our first meeting, hopefully will be fun & informative!!!??

Happy holidays Brenda, hope the weather is MUCH better for you.


Thursday, 26 August 2010

Hi Affinity its Eileend

This is me on a rare occasion going to a Wedding wearing a skirt ,its taken some time to get this photo on to the blogg thank you Brenda for your instructions. Hope everyone is fine. See you soon. Eileend

Monday, 23 August 2010

Great news letter

Well done Brenda, for producing our first news letter.Look forward to the venture starting

Wednesday, 18 August 2010

Friday, 13 August 2010

How to upload photos

Hello Eileen, I will try to talk you through uploading photos. First click on the link to take you to 'Affinity' blog then in top right hand corner, click on 'sign in'. This will take you to the dashboard page. Click on 'new post' and it will open up a page for you to type a message. There are icons just above the message space, one is a tiny picture, it's the third one in from the right, click on that and it will open another screen. You will see where it says 'browse' click on that and choose the folder where your photos are stored on your pc, choose the photo you want to upload and then at the bottom of the same screen press the orange button 'upload image' and Bob's your uncle! Finish your message on the 'new post' screen and then press 'publish post'. Hope this helps. Brenda

Wednesday, 11 August 2010


I too came back from my holiday (in Cornwall) full of images and inspiration - the lime green of the moors, the turquoise and blues of the sea, golden sand, the purple of the hydrangea bushes which were in bloom everywhere and oh......rusty chains and lobster pots! Is there something wrong with me? Here's a close up of some lovely rust on an old anchor which I'd love to turn into some stitching but where to start. If anyone has any ideas, they will be greatly appreciated!

Tuesday, 10 August 2010

Hello Affinity

Hi to Affinity, Eileen here l dont know how this works so l thought l would just say what do l do next. Regards Eileen D